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The Coating Process

To give you an idea of what your floors will look like when we’re finished, samples of different floor types and colors are brought before we begin. Our process starts with the examination of what we are coating. The next step is to clear the floor surface of all furniture, as well as cover fixtures and electrical outlets.

In order to remove pre-existing dirt, oil, and grease on the surface of your floor, we use a diamond-grinding technique to ensure proper adhesion and a quality finish. We continue cleaning by vacuuming the concrete and blowing out all dust and debris before patching cracks with 100% solid epoxy.

Before applying a topcoat, we prime your floor for a lasting finish. The final step is to apply the coating of your choice, and once dry we walk with you through the site to determine if you are satisfied with our work. Benefits of using us for your epoxy floor coating needs include:

• Nationwide Services
• Night & Weekend Crews Available
• Warranties Offered
• Quick, Clean, & Precise Work
• 100% Solid Epoxy Products
• Turn-Key Epoxy Installation

Diamond Grinding

Diamond-grinding and shot-blasting techniques are used to clean your concrete floor of all dirt and debris. This is more effective than acid etching and power washing. After penetrating the surface and opening up the pores, the floor coating you choose for us to apply is then able to stick. Different types of floor coating options we offer include:
• Applications:
Concrete Polishing, Concrete Sealing, Acid Staining, Safety Striping, Logos, & Decals
• Systems: Two-Coat 100% Solids, Full Chip, Quartz Floor, Metallic Floor Coating, Electrostatic Dissipative Coating (EDS Conductive Floors), &
    Electrical Insulating Floor
• Preparations: Floor Coating Removal, Glue Removal, Floor Surface Preparation, Concrete Grinding, VCT & Mastic Removal, Crack Filling &
   Control Joint Sealant Systems, Shot-Blasting, & Scarification

Contact us to provide square footage and floor details for a quick estimate on our full-service epoxy floor cleaning services.

Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Your epoxy floor coating needs are served with NSI Epoxy of Waterford, Michigan. You receive a detailed assessment of what to expect before we send a crew out.